Sex Medusa (2001) FULL MOVIE

Hussien De Leon Jr · 4,886,958 views
While conducting a top-secret biological study in an underground sewage system, a team of scientists discovers a nest of alien eggs. Quickly destroying the eggs before they can hatch, the scientists are unaware that one of the eggs has already hatched, and an adaptable reptilian creature soon adapts the form of a beautiful woman who begins to integrate itself into human society. She is searching for sustenance and a means to fertilize her eggs, and an unknowing man subsequently falls for the human-looking creature to horrific results.

Carrie Ng Ka-Lai
Nomoto Miho
Vincent Wan Yeung-Ming
Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong
William Leung Chi-Ming
Leung Wing-Yim
Kai Cheung-Lung
Hui Pik-Kei
Chan Tsung
David Lai Wai-Ming