Lal Shobuj | Full Movie || Mahfuz Ahmed, Shimla, Salauddin Lavlu | HD1080p | Bangla Movie

G Series (Bangla Movies) · 264,585 views
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Cast : Mahfuz Ahmed, Shimla, Selim Haider, Shamima Islam Tusty,
Salauddin Lavlu, Prabir Mitra, Khaleda Aktar Kolpona, Shiraj Haider,
Alok Moitra, Challenger, Pran Roy, Shiba Shanu, Jacky Alamgir
Producer : Impress Telefilm
Writer & Director : Shahidul Islam Khokon
Cinematography : Hasan Ahmed
Editing : Chishti Zamal
Music : Milton Khondokar
Release Date : 2005
Language : Bengali
Label : G - Series

Lal, son of a freedom fighter, is a crime reporter who goes to a village to uncover the mystery of a serial killer Ranga Mama but dies in his hand. Thus, till the truth remain covered. His older brother now comes to the village as a college teacher to find out the serial killer and have revenge on him.

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